Courses, training programs and seminars specifically for the private sector
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Security courses and training workshops that focus on hand-to-hand combat
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Courses, training programs and seminars for the institutional sector and other organized groups from around the world
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Based on the popular show. Join Special Forces and counter terrorism for the day
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About us

Xpert Israeli Security training center

Xpert is an Israeli-based international security and counterterrorism school geared towards training and coaching individuals and organized groups from all over the world. At Xpert, you will train in the fields of combat, bodyguarding, anti-terror actions, hand-to-hand combat, operational driving, and more. Xpert also provides a range of preventative security consultation services for organizations and entities across the world.



Private Courses

Xpert provides courses, training programs and seminars designed for the private sector and open to participants from across the globe.
The courses are designed for private individuals working in the world of security and protection. These include military personnel and special units, police officers, security officers, security company managers and executives, martial art experts and all those seeking to expand their knowledge and expertise in the areas covered by our courses, training programs and seminars.

Courses, training programs and seminars are held at Xpert’s unique and specialized training centers in Israel, or at private facilities in countries around the world.

Krav Maga

Krav maga is an Israeli form of close-combat that was developed for superior self defense and military actions.
Krav maga isn’t a martial art or a competitive sport, but rather is a method developed solely to neutralize a close-quarters enemy attack in the least amount of time. Krav maga was originally introduced into the IDF and is now world-renowned and used by security forces as an efficient tool in the war against terror.
As krav maga is a self-defense system and not a competitive sport, it has no objective rules. Simply neutralize your opponent is as short a time as possible, using all types of punches, kicks, choking, and other actions that target especially vulnerable areas and use any available object as a weapon.

טוב 7-min
ירי טוב-min

Courses for the Institutional Sector

Xpert provides courses, training programs and seminars for the institutional sector and other organized groups around the world.

Xpert trains elite military units, other military and special police units, secret service organizations, governmental and private security organizations. We also train intelligence units, legal security organizations and organized martial arts groups, so long as they meet the basic criteria of Israel’s Ministry of Defense.

Join Special Forces and counter terrorism for the day.
Take cover. Go undercover. Bring victory home. 
The Ultimate unforgettable one of a kind fighting experience.

Top level and
prestigious security

Xpert's security and protection services are focused, localized, discrete, personal and highly professional. Expert isn't a huge security company employing thousands of people, but rather a security school that employs a small but exclusive unit comprised of the very best security and protection personnel in the world who take on specialized and highly focused missions. We provide both overt and covert security and protection for business organizations with special security needs.


Xpert provides security consultation services for security organizations, the military, police forces, governmental organizations, companies and operators, as well as private individuals and martial arts organizations - around the globe. Xpert's highly trained and experienced experts leverage their many years of operational experience to provide you with the counseling and guidance you need at the very highest level.

our TEAM

Lior Klugmann
Head of Operation Driving Division

2000 – 2004
Combatant in an elite IDF unit specializing in anti-terror operations. Career soldier in his unit as a combatant and senior operational driving instructor

Shahar Goldberg
Krav Maga instructor

2000 – 2003
Combatant in an elite IDF unite specializing in anti-terror operations

Yonatan Abadi
Krav Maga instructor

2000 – 2003
Fighter in an IDF special unit specializing in anti-terror operations Hand to Hand combat instructor in a special unit

Roi Kastiel
Firing and Combat Instructor

2005 – 2009
Fighter in an IDF special unit specializing in anti-terror operations. Has a great deal of operational experience. As well as being and instructor, Roi was also a senior instructor in the combat division of his unit. Today is a reserve instructor in the unit

Danny Netser
Krav Maga instructor

Began training in hand to hand combat in 1991 and today is the holder of a Dan 3 black belt. Over the years, has trained in wide variety of martial arts and specialized in Thai Kick Boxing and professional boxing

Shaul Wolfson
Head of Firing and Combat division

2002 – 2007
Member of an elite IDF anti-terror unit. Senior career, combat instructor for his unit. Responsible for the training of other instructors in the unit

Our management

Idan Pundak

2000 – 2003
Commanding officer of a fighting branch in an IDF special unit – special branch with responsibility for all combat areas within the unit

Ran Nakash
Head of Krav Maga

1988 – began training in Thai kick boxing and over the years won the Israel Championship 10 times
1997 – Wins second place in the World Thai Boxing Championships held in Thailand
1998 - Wins third place in the European Thai Boxing Championships held in Spain
1999 - Wins fourth place in the World Thai Boxing Championships held in Thailand
2006 – today – Ran has made the move over to professional boxing and is ranked in the world's top 10 for middleweight boxers in all the boxing associations. Is contending for the Worlds Championship and has an almost perfect record of victories in the ring

Roy Peled
Head of the Department of External Relations and instructor of tactical security

2001 – 2004
Regular and career service in an IDF elite unit specializing in combat against terrorism as fighter and commander

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