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Xpert is an international Security and anti-terror school, located in Israel, that trains and coaches individuals and organized groups from all over the world. At Xpert you will find many varied courses and training programs covering the fields of combat, body guarding, anti-terror actions, hand to hand combat, operational driving and more. Xpert also provides a range of preventative security consultation services for organizations and other bodies across the world.

In our various courses and training programs we teach students according to the same Israeli methodology used for the training of specially trained security officers and combat personnel in the IDF's elite units, the Mossad and the General Security Services.

Israel and her security forces are considered to be amongst the most experienced and professional in the field of anti-terror and security in the world.  Israel has suffered from terror and wars throughout its history.  Its security forces have been dealing for over 70 years, even before the establishment of the State, with the fight against terror and have been developed advanced and innovative methods in the fight against the country's enemies.  In the 1970's IDF and other state anti-terror schools were established to train Israel's forces.  Over the years, these schools have developed unique methods and combat doctrines in the fight against terror as well as a wide range of security solutions.  Xpert, a company with its roots firmly planted in Israel, is in a unique position to export this knowledge and expertise to the world. 

Training programs are updated regularly and in order to address new threats, the many varied types of technology used and the unique and specific needs of those training on each individual course.  At Expert, we have our fingers firmly on the pulse of new developments – new and developing threats, revised and new combat methods etc.  We are constantly learning and re-evaluating so that we continuously improve.

Most of the courses are held at Xpert's Home Base and at the many and varied facilities we have at our disposal in Israel.  These provide maximum possibilities for the most thorough professional training.    Xpert's training facilities, including the firing ranges, urban anti-guerilla warfare, hand to hand combat facilities, classrooms, skid pads etc. have been specially designed and adapted for this type of work and have been given the full approval and authorization of all the relevant authorities and bodies in Israel.

Our team of instructors has been carefully chosen and all are vetted, trained and monitored throughout their work at the college.  All of the instructors have an operational and training background in the field of anti-terror and security activities of at least 10 years.  All of the instructors at Xpert, with no exceptions, are veterans of some of the IDF's most elite units as well as being graduates of the IDF's anti-terror school and fully certified instructors in this area by the various authorities in Israel.  Xpert's instructors train courses both at the company's school in Israel as well as leading private and State courses, refresher courses and workshops around the globe.  The huge advantage of Xpert's team of instructors lays in the fact that the instructors, apart from their years of experience, have also had firsthand experience of the theoretical materials that they teach in some very complex, violent and often life threatening situations during their military service, in security organizations, defense organizations or the boxing ring and other competitions. This makes them acutely aware of the importance of practice and realism in the materials they teach.  This is what makes our instructors the supreme experts that they are.

Our aspiration for total professionalism and the need for training in the areas of security and anti-terror warfare require tough, intensive, aggressive and exhausting training.  At the same time, one of Xpert's main aims is to ensure the safety of the trainees.  We at Xpert ensure that safety concerns and measures are always in the forefront of the instructors and the trainees minds.  We make sure that the trainee finishes his training at our school fit, jhealthy and a much better professional.

In security, when the smallest mistake, even for a split second, is all that divides between success and failure, often between life and death, compromise is not acceptable.  So... you need to be an Xpert.



Upcoming Courses

  • Basic Krav Maga: February 5-10, April 15-20
  • Krav Maga instructors: February 12-24, May 13-25
  • Basic VIP Protection: March 11-22, June 3-15
  • Basic security officer course Protection: March 25-30, June 17-22

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